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Dry Skin and Hair in Colorado

For many people in Colorado winter means adventure-filled trips to the mountains to enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and a various other fun activities.  It also means that our already arid climate becomes even drier causing skin and hair to feel dry, brittle and uncomfortable.

If you live in an area of Colorado that has hard water (high counts of calcium, magnesium and other bicarbonates) odds are this is making your dry skin and hair feel…well…worse.  This occurs because these minerals stay on you after a shower or bath and further dry you out.  The most accurate description from a prospect was “It feels like my skin is two sizes too small after I shower in the winter.”

The solution to these problems is our Whole House Anti-Scale System – the green, sustainable and effective solution to hard water issues in Colorado.  Give us a call at 303.801.7031 to talk more!

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