Does this look and feel familiar?

Bottled Water is Inconvenient.

Lugging and Lifting


This is a hassle and can cause injuries.

Out of Water... Again


You are too busy for this.

Storage Problems


Bottled water takes up valuable space.

Bottled Water is Not Necessary.

emptyBottled Water is stored in hard plastic containers made from BPA (Bisphenol-A) for days, weeks or even months before it is finally used. Independent studies continue to prove that prolonged exposure to BPA can lead to numerous serious health effects.

Bottled Water is stagnant water. Not only can high counts of bacteria be found in Bottled Water, but bacteria build up can also be found in the storage wells of water coolers.

You, your loved ones and customers deserve better.

Bottled Water Delivery is Disruptive.

delivery_guyYou are busy at home or at the office handling all that the day brings you. Now it’s your turn to wait for the delivery person, follow them around and then reconcile the monthly bill and order.

Your time is better spent with friends, family and customers.


Bottled Water Does Not Help Your Brand.

water_coolerEvery Business and Home has a Brand.

A look. A feel. Your competitive advantage. Your reputation.

Waiting areas, kitchens and break rooms are popular; visible places in our business and lives. The ol’ water cooler does not tell a flattering story.

Your Brand needs Allies.