Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I already have a reverse osmosis system, why would I call ClearView Water?
A: Unlike a reverse osmosis system, our systems put water through a commercial grade carbon filter and your water comes out straight from your tap with zero waste and no plastic storage tanks.

Q: My water has a rotten egg smell to it.  Why is that?
A: You have sulfur in your water. We can remove that with all of our systems and coolers.

owcQ: Doesn’t the water department take care of this?
A: In the US, we are fortunate to have the best public water treatment services in the world.  Unfortunately, harsh chemicals like chlorine are added to the water at the mass treatment plant. Also pesticides, herbicides and pharmaceuticals can leach into our water on its way to our homes and business.

Q: I have a filter that hooks onto my faucet, so I’m good to go, right?
A. Although these have become very popular, the faucet-mount units simply do not provide filtration down to the micron level that ClearView Water filters offer.

Q: We already have bottled water delivered to our office.  Why switch?
A: Anytime you are storing water in plastic bottles, there is the potential of leaching chemicals into the water.  We provide the highest quality water without the footprint associated with the bottled water industry. Plus, if you consider the environmental impact of plastic water bottles (in landfills) and the costs and emissions effect of delivery trucks, our systems make environmental sense.

Q: Do we save money by switching to ClearView Water?
A: Our customers typically save 10-50% when they switch over to us from bottled water delivery services. Factor in the time savings that come from not having to inventory bottles and reconcile confusing bottled water bills each month and the savings keep adding up!


cplusQ: Who does the installation?
A: Because you are welcoming us into your business, office or home, we only use licensed and insured plumbers for our installations.  Installation and set up typically takes 60-90 minutes.

Q: What do we do if we move?
A: As long as you are moving within our service area, our coolers can be removed and re-installed at your new location. This may include a service fee.

Q: Does ClearView Water have any type of referral program?
A: Absolutely – for everyone you refer that becomes a customer, you receive $25 from ClearView Water.