Follett Ice & Water Dispenser

Chewblet® Ice and Water Dispenser

Chewblet® Ice and Water Dispenser For Your Office or Business.

This sleek, stainless steel with accent trim appliance complements any office break area and is the best quality ice and water combo in the market! Ice scoops and direct contact with ice are a thing of the past as you enjoy an unlimited supply of ready made Chewblet ice dispensed into your cup, glass or other reusable container with a touch of the display panel.

The Follett is anchored by our NSF 42 & 53 filter and is serviced according to the exacting standards of the manufacturer. Available in countertop and stand versions.

Iced coffee? Mix with your favorite beverage? Or just want to enjoy a glass of freshly filtered ice and water? The options are endless and will convert your break room into a refreshment area!

Soft, chewable, compressed nugget ice like Chewblet is preferred over cube ice!

Why Follett Ice & Water Machines?


Compact Design

Fits on most countertops and is available in a stand version.


Agion® silver-based antimicrobial product protection of key ice and water contact components.


Good for the Environment

The Follett is the only ice machine on the market that does not waste water and requiring a floor drain to handle ice melt in the system! All ice melt is recirculated back to the reservoir to be converted back into Chewblet ice. Pretty cool huh?


8.5" Dispense Height

Tall enough for most reusable water containers, mugs or glasses when you’re looking for the best ice and water refreshment in the market.

Easy to Clean

Removable drip tray and no special tools required for cleaning.


Professional Installation & Service

All installations are performed by our plumbers and ongoing service and filter changes are performed to the precise standards of the manufacturer by ClearView Water.


Energy Efficient

Meets the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier 2 specifications for highly efficient ice machines.

Follett Ice & Water Machine Specification Sheet

Download the Follett Ice & Water Machine brochure for specifications and more information.

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Bottled Water is stagnant water. Not only can high counts of bacteria be found in Bottled Water, but bacteria build up can also be found in the storage wells of water coolers.

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