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Hard Water

Dry Skin and Hair in Colorado

For many people in Colorado winter means adventure-filled trips to the mountains to enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and a various other fun activities.  It also means that our already arid climate becomes even drier causing skin and hair to feel dry, brittle and uncomfortable. If you live in an area of Colorado that has hard…

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Hard Water and Water Heaters

We continue to get calls from homeowners across Colorado that have had their water heater breakdown or fail completely much earlier than they expected.  This causes problems from the inconvenience of not having hot water in the house for a period of time to the more extreme of the bottom of the water heater cracking…

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Whole House Anti-Scale Systems

If you live in Colorado you are no stranger to the ill-effects of hard water in your home.  Once you recognize the signs it is up to you to choose how to solve the problem.  And that’s where ClearView Water comes in with our Whole House Anti-Scale System – the environmentally responsible means of solving…

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Hard Water and Tankless Water Heaters

On-Demand or Tankless Water Heaters are becoming increasingly popular in Colorado.  They are far more efficient than standard water heaters that continually use energy to keep a large tank of water hot. Instead, they quickly heat water as needed when you turn on the hot tap. The problem comes when we start combining On-Demand or…

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Hard Water Damage

If you live in Colorado, odds are you have experienced the negative effects of hard water.  Hard water is water that has higher counts of calcium and magnesium in it that causes a number of problems for people and their homes. So what are some of the damages caused by hard water?  Here are a…

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