Since 2009 we’ve operated with this mission in mind when it comes to Denver Bottled Water Delivery – “We help businesses eliminate the costs, wastes and hassles that are always associated with bottled water and bottled water delivery services.”  That mission has served us and our Customers very well, but let’s take a closer look at what we mean about the problems with bottled water delivery in Denver.

The Costs of Bottled Water in Denver

Get out the calculator!  A leading bottled water supplier in Denver is charging anywhere from $8-10 for each basic 5 gallon jug of bottled water, $6-14 for the monthly rental of the dispenser AND a $13 per month delivery fee.  Want to pay with a credit card?  You’ll be paying a surcharge for that as well.  So let’s take the conservative side on our estimate for a typical business in Denver and add up the expenses:

  • 8 of those 5 gallon jugs of water per month at $8 per jug = $64.00
  • Monthly rental of the dispenser = $6.00
  • Monthly delivery fee = $13.00
  • Monthly total before taxes and credit card surcharge = $83.00

Remember – this is the conservative estimate for only 8 jugs of water per month.  Want additional jugs?  Want Spring water or Artesian water?  A higher end dispenser?  Watch those costs sky rocket!  And if you lose a bottle or have an issue with that dispenser?  That fine print you breezed through when you signed up is definitely going to have some painful charges.

The Wastes of Bottled Water Delivery

Once that typical Denver business makes this expensive decision, the wastes of bottled water hit all of us.  If the supplier is using Reverse Osmosis as part of their filtration systems to create the bottled water, 3-5 gallons of water are wasted to produce every gallon of bottled water.  Water conservation is so important in the West and these water wasters are just not doing their part to be good stewards of this resource.

See those large, placarded trucks chunking up and down our already crowded streets around the Denver Metro?  They’re noisy, take up huge amounts of parking and use large amounts of fossil fuels to get around.  Factor in oil changes and new tires and the environmental impact just keeps adding up.

Im Afraid To Ask…How About The Hassles?

This is where the bad decision of bottled water delivery really hits home!  Think about storage.  Not only are you paying for this overpriced water, but you have to use your expensive commercial space to stack and store all of those bottles – all on your dime.  Headed to the break room?  The water cooler always seems to be empty when you’re thirsty because no one likes to wrestle those 40 pound monsters onto the dispenser.  Finally get it on top of the cooler?  Not without spilling a bit on the wall and floor!  And of course the classic – running out of bottled water.  The break area is filled with 8 or more empty bottles and you are out of luck because delivery day is not for another week or two.  Enjoy?

The good news is that ClearView Water is here to help and installations and set up are even easier than you might think.  Call 303-801-7031 and let’s talk about your options to eliminate the problems with bottled water delivery in Denver!

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