Businesses looking for water cooler service for Greenwood Village, Centennial, Littleton and other cities in the Denver Metro keep reaching out to companies like ClearView Water because they primarily want to get away from the costs, wastes and hassles that are always associated with bottled water delivery services.

Water Cooler Service for Greenwood Village

All office water coolers – regardless of the manufacturer or provider – require scheduled maintenance and service in order to continue to function properly.  In general, water coolers are serviced each year and ice machines are serviced every 6 months.  ClearView Water takes care of all of these services and is included in your program with us.

Service Steps

All service and filter changes are set with the Customer and here are a few of the steps of the process that we follow:

  1. Dispense at least 20oz of water from each temperature feature.  This ensures the system is working properly before the service begins.
  2. Check under and around the cooler to see if there is any water.  None?  Awesome – all fitting are secure.
  3. Remove, drain and dispose of the existing filter or filters.
  4. Date the new filter or filters and install.
  5. Flush the new filter or filters until it all air bubbles and any carbon sediment is cleared from the water.  This usually takes 1-2 gallons of water.
  6. Check/change mechanical items like cooling fans, touch panels, valves and thermistors.
  7. Check all temperatures to ensure that they are all at the optimal level.
  8. Clean and sanitize the entire system.
  9. Install a new drip tray.
  10. Reset system, do final checks and complete service record for the Customer.
  11. Meet with the Customer to review and see what else we can do to help!

Importance of Water Cooler Service in Greenwood Village

Proactive, scheduled preventative maintenance is so key to keep all systems operational and giving the Customer the best user experience.  ClearView Water is always happy to provide this level of service to our Customers and is all part of your program.  Contact us here or call 303-801-7031 to learn more!







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