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On Demand Drinking Water System

Our On Demand Drinking Water System (ION Drinking Water Cooler)  continues to be the popular choice among businesses and homes across Colorado that are looking for both performance and sustainability.  When you imagine an endless supply of freshly filtered water coming directly to you from your tap, you are thinking about what only ClearView Water can deliver.

And as an added benefit, most of our Customers report that we are saving them money each month!

Our customers continue to refer us to others because of these great benefits:

  • Great taste!  Our CarbonPlus filter removes contaminants down to .5 microns.
  • Once installed, you never have to store, lift and lug those heavy water bottles.
  • Energy Star rated!  Our SleepMode function reduces electricity up to 75% as compared to other coolers.
  • The Pure Alert Filter Monitor lets us know when it is time for your filter change.  No guess work!
  • The ION fits anywhere!  It is about the size of a small coffee machine or espresso maker.
  • We feature two models – the 904 (Sparkling, Hot & Cold) and the 905 (Ambient, Cold & Hot).  Both are complete winners!

Please contact us today at our web site or call us at 303.801.7031 to learn more today!

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