ClearView Water Celebrates 5th Anniversary and New Offers

Two Week Free Trial and Year-in-Advance Option

ClearView Water is a Denver based water filtration company whose primary focus is the office water cooler market. ClearView Water helps Customers eliminate the costs, wastes and hassles that are always associated with bottled water and bottled water delivery services.

“August 3rd marks our 5th Anniversary and I am so proud of our growth and am very excited about the opportunities that we have in Colorado.” said Rich Anderson, Founder and CEO of ClearView Water. “On day one I had a dream and sketch for the business. Today we’ve installed and serviced hundreds of systems along the Front Range and have earned the continued loyalty of our Customers. I am very thankful and excited about our next steps.”

In honor of their 5th Anniversary, ClearView Water is launching the following:

• Two Week Free Trial – When an office water cooler is installed for a new Customer, the first two weeks are free. When existing Customers need more coolers at their location or additional locations, they will benefit from this offer for those new coolers.

• Year-in-Advance Option – Customers can now save 5% when they pay 12 months at once instead of monthly payments via check or credit card.

“I’m excited to see these options benefit our Customers and help serve as growth tools for ClearView Water.”

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