Our last e-update was centered around commonly used municipal water treatment methods and how fortunate we are to have these facilities in our country. ClearView Water has always been a supporter of what these facilities do for us.

But it also raised questions like “Since this is handled at the municipal level, why does the water quality vary not only state by state, but also within parts of the same city?” Here are some of the things that can compromise the quality of the water we use in our homes and businesses:

* An aging water infrastructure – Once treated water leaves the treatment facility, oftentimes it is being transported in pipes (depending on your area of the country) that can be over 100 years old. No matter how diligent a water authority is, these pipes become compromised over time.

* Growth…Growth…Growth – We continue to grow out into the countryside vs. urban infill. Construction grading and eroding soils end up in the water supply and increase the sedimentation and turbidity of the water. Urban areas have their challenges as well, as storm water runoff from paved surfaces like roads, bridges and parking lots picks up sediment and introduces it to our water supplies.

* High mineral content or hard water – Some areas of the country have higher counts of calcium and magnesium in the water and it is financially impossible for any treatment plant to treat these issues at the municipal level.

* Older Structures…older pipes – Not every remodeled home has owners that have gone to the lengths/expense of installing new pipes in the home. Many older homes still have lead pipes/solder in the home.

* Herbicides, Pesticides and Pharmaceuticals – A price is paid for the greenest lawn on the block, overuse of restricted use pesticides and the exponential rise of pharmaceuticals in our culture.

* Location…Location…Location – People that live/work closer to the treatment facilities typically have higher chlorine counts (and subsequently the water tastes like chlorine) than those further away.

You can see that a lot can happen from Point A – the municipal treatment plant and Point B – your home or office. So if these are issues in your home/business, what are your options? In our next e-update we will talk about these!

Thank you again for reading and your input – you are an important part of this conversation!

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